Sunday, October 07, 2007

Daniel & the Power Rangers

Anyone who knows our Daniel, knows that he is like the biggest Power Rangers fan. I thought he might outgrow his fascination like his older brothers but nope, here we are 4 years later still going strong. When Kevin found out that they were going to be here, he wanted to take him. So today off they went to meet the Power Rangers (yes..we're evil going out on Sunday but I'm sure there are worse crimes out there).

Kevin said he didn't seem overly excited but when he got up there he was pretty excited and he had fun telling me about it.

Here are a couple pics of our Power Ranger fan.


Shamae said...

How cool!! I bet Daniel had a blast!! How is everything going Nadine???

Crazymom23boys said...

That is way cool! I know my 3 would have been going nuts! I have never seen them do this out here before. Lucky dude!