Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July..I Will Remember

The 4th of July.
All I want to say is that today I will not I will remember.
I will remember those who have paid the price with their blood, the price of freedom. Today I will remember those who didn't even know me but who volunteered to protect my freedom. Today I will remember the families of those who paid this price with their lives. I will remember with tears that fall, probably never enough to even begin to comfort them for their sacrifice.
Today as the fireworks explode, I will remember those who serve around the world, where the explosions are not those of celebration, but of reality of war. I will remember their sacrifice.
Today I will remember that my freedom is not my own, that someone paid that debt for me.

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Celeste J. said...

Hello girl! I didn't know you had a blogger account. Very cool. You always have such interesting things that you write about, so I look forward to reading your blogs. If you want to borrow that book let me know, I can lend it to you before I ship it overseas to Maddy :)