Monday, May 21, 2007

Saying Goodbye...

I hate this saying goodbye game. It gets so frustrating but it's our life and we adjust. We dropped Kevin off at 0500 this morning. He'll be gone for 21 days...ONLY 21 days. It's funny, we did 363 days but still this 21 days is crappy too. I think it's the fact that he'll get to come home for 4-5 days and then he's off for another 6 weeks. I am grateful it's just schools and TDY versus a deployment to a combat zone but the kids don't think like that. They just remember how hard it is to be apart. Hopefully I can keep them entertained enough this summer to make it as painless as possible.

Is it sad that I had better communication with my husband while he was in Iraq then I will have with him being stateside the next 21 days?

Oh well..til next time..


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