Saturday, July 15, 2006

Road Tripping

I'm looking forward to our upcoming Road Trip. We are driving to Idaho stopping in NM to visit my half sister and then stopping in CO to visit my Grandma and a few other relatives I have not seen in over 15 years. It should be interesting. The boys are very excited. I think their excitement will be curbed some once they are stuck in that truck for over 24 hours, lol. They are excited to see Idaho and go fishing with Grandpa. My dad took Michael on his first fishing trip and helped him catch his first trip. Well, he has the other two boys very excited about that, I think he forgot his reaction to having to clean the fish though. He was very grossed out by that experience. It will be interesting to see their reaction when they get to that part.

Well, I'll update again later.

Nadine (Household 6)

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